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The service industries (More formally termed: 'tertiary sector ofindustry' by economists) involve the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers. Such, therefore, include accounting, tradesmanship (like mechanic or plumber services), computer services, restaurants, tourism, etc.
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Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps: This major group includes commercial and noncommercial establishments engaged in furnishing lodging, or lodging and meals, and camping space and camping facilities.
Personal Services: This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in providing services generally to individuals, such as laundries, drycleaning plants, portrait photographic studios, and beauty and barber shops. Also included are establishments operating as industrial launderers and those primarily engaged in providing linen supply services to commercial and business establishments.
Business Services: This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in rendering services, not elsewhere classified, to business establishments on a contract or fee basis, such as advertising, credit reporting, collection of claims, mailing, reproduction, stenographic, news syndicates, computer programming, photocopying, duplicating, data processing, services to buildings, and help supply services.
Automobile Repair, Services, and Parking: This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing automotive repair, rental, leasing, and parking services to the general public. Similar facilities owned and operated by concerns for their own use and not for the general public are treated as auxiliary establishments.
Miscellaneous Repair Services: This major group includes establishments engaged in miscellaneous repair services. It does not include some repair services of which the most important are: repair to structures, which is classified in Construction, Division C; electronic computer and computer peripheral equipment repair, which is classified in Industry 7378.
Amusement and Recreational Services: This major group includes establishments engaged in providing amusement or entertainment services, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in operating motion picture theaters are classified in Industry Group 783, and those operating museums, art galleries, arboreta, and botanical and zoological gardens are classified in Major Group 84.
Health Services: This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing medical, surgical, and other health services to persons. Establishments of associations or groups, such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), primarily engaged in providing medical or other health services to members are included, but those which limit their services to the provision of insurance against hospitalization or medical costs are classified in Insurance, Major Group 63.
Legal Services: This major group includes establishments which are headed by members of the bar and are engaged in offering legal advice or legal services.
Educational Services: This major group includes establishments providing academic or technical instruction. Also included are establishments providing educational services such as libraries, student exchange programs, and curriculum development. Schools for the instruction of beauticians and cosmetologists are classified in Industry 7231, and barber colleges are classified in Industry 7241.
Social Services: This major group includes establishments providing social services and rehabilitation services to those persons with social or personal problems requiring special services and to the handicapped and the disadvantaged. Also included are organizations soliciting funds to be used directly for these and related services. Establishments primarily engaged in providing health services are classified in Major Group 80.
Breakdown By Employee Size: -
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
348,009 310,412 166,408
192,668 288,078 34,640
248,178 141,226 277,391
474,959 115,223
Total Records Available: - 3,468,758 Business Executives
Industry Based Counts: -
SIC Industry Records SIC Industry Records
70 Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps 77,533 79 Amusement and Recreational Services 82,023
72 Personal Services 80,380 80 Health Services 843,940
73 Business Services 731,282 81 Legal Services 204,901
75 Automobile Repair, Services, and Parking 53,050 82 Educational Services 492,937
76 Miscellaneous Repair Services 29,428 83 Social Services 97,002
Company Revenue Based Counts: -
Sales Records Sales Records Sales Records
328,307 218,167 36,058
250,187 159,598 8,008
271,497 113,254 7,910
284,385 86,856
Breakdown By State: -
state Records state Records state Records state Records state Records
AK 7,405 HI 9,115 MI 99,935 NV 21,957 UT 21,741
AL 43,075 IA 28,564 MN 65,094 NY 238,207 VA 103,367
AR 20,372 ID 14,146 MO 57,290 OH 130,362 VT 8,512
AZ 64,113 IL 169,195 MS 17,694 OK 26,810 WA 82,211
CA 504,318 IN 61,146 MT 8,943 OR 40,133 WI 62,599
CO 74,925 KS 31,554 NC 81,978 PA 146,458 WV 11,603
CT 49,380 KY 34,054 ND 6,898 RI 11,423 WY 6,076
DC 31,855 LA 41,475 NE 20,979 SC 31,959
DE 10,271 MA 129,218 NH 16,337 SD 7,105
FL 193,234 MD 81,632 NJ 97,712 TN 55,978
GA 113,005 ME 19,838 NM 14,791 TX 242,741
Job Title Available: -
Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records Titles Records
CEO/President 426,854 CFO 51,943 CIO/CTO 30,480 COO 11,718 Chairman 20,420
Owner/Partner 293,293 Vice Presidents 249,943 Directors 311,845 IT Executives 315,607 Sales Executives 72,783
Marketing Executives 101,024 HR Executives 120,026 Operations Executives 39,377 Finance Executives 147,281 Business Development Exec 8,101
Controller/Comptroller 21,386 Corporate Secretary 17,670 Treasurer 22,565 Managers 490,888 Purchasing /Procurement 17,359
Administration 63,761 R and D Exec 1,440 Others 633,019

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